Book chapters

Favela, J. R. Cornejo. A. Velazquez, A. I. Martinez, L.A. Castro, M. Tentori (2013). “Nuevas tecnologías de información y comunicación en apoyo a un envejecimiento activo y saludable”. En Libro de envejecimiento saludable y productivo

Journal publications (peer-reviewed)

Muñoz, D., Cornejo, R., Gutierrez, F. J., Favela, J., Ochoa, S. F., & Tentori, M. A social cloud-based tool to deal with time and media mismatch of intergenerational family communication. Future Generation Computer Systems(0). doi: 

Cornejo, R., M. Tentori, et al. (2013). “Enriching in-person encounters trough social media: A study on family connectedness for the elderly.” International Journal of Human-Computer Studies(0). 

Cornejo, R., Tentori, M., Favela, J., (2012). Ambient Awareness to Strengthen the Family Social Network of Older Adults. Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), 36 pp.

Conference papers (peer-reviewed)

Cornejo, R., Hernandez, D., Tentori, M., & Favela, J. (2014). An Ambient Casual Game to Promote Socialization and Active Ageing. In N. Baloian, F. Burstein, H. Ogata, F. Santoro & G. Zurita (Eds.), Collaboration and Technology (Vol. 8658, pp. 75-88): Springer International Publishing.

D. Muñoz, R. Cornejo, S. F. Ochoa, J. Favela, F. Gutierrez and M. Tentori (2013. “Aligning intergenerational communication patterns and rhythms in the age of social media”. In Proc. of the Chilean Conference on Human-Computer Interaction. Temuco, Chile. Nov 11-15, 2013 

Cornejo, R., Tentori, M.and Favela, J. (2010) Ambient Displays for Integrating Older Adults into Social Networking Sites. 16th Collaboration Researchers’ International Workshop in Groupware Maastricht, The Netherlands, LNCS 6257 Springer. September 20-23, pp. 321-336.

Workshop papers (peer-reviewed)

Cornejo, R., M. Tentori, et al. (2012). Enriching family personal encounters with ambient social media. Proceedings of the 2012 ACM Conference on Ubiquitous Computing. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, ACM: 792-793.

Cornejo, R., Hernández, D., Favela, J. and Tentori, M (2012) “Persuading older adults to socialize and exercise trough ambient games” In Workshop of Wellness and HCI, PervasiveHealth 2012, San Diego California, May 21-24, 2012

Tentori, M., Cornejo, R. and Favela, J.  (2010) “Sentient displays to connect elders with cognitive disabilities to the digital era of social interaction”. In Proceedings of WISH at CHI,  Atlanta, GA, April, 5-10, 45-49pp


Cornejo, R., Tentori, M.y Favela, J. (2011). Will you still friend me … when I’m sixty-four?: Integrating Older adults in Social Networking Sites. Ubiquitous Computing Uniting the Californias, March, 3–5 , Ensenada, Mexico 

Cornejo R., Tentori, M.y Favela, J. (2011). Technologies for Home Health. In ExpoCICESE – Posters, Ensenada, México, November 3-4. 

Cornejo, R., Tentori, M.y Favela, J. (2010) Inteligencia Ambiental para Fortalecer Las Redes Sociales de Los Adultos Mayores.  In “Encuentro Nacional sobre Envejecimiento y Salud” – Poster. México D.F. August 25-28. Poster presentation at the Mexican Conference on Aging and Health. 

Cornejo, R., Tentori, M.y Favela, J. (2009) Integrating Elders into Virtual Social Networks through Ambient Displays. In HCI International – Posters, San Diego, California, USA. Springer. July 19-24


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